Woolf Women

Woolf Women


United Kingdom / Germany 2020

Feature Film    90 Min.
Jenny Jungle, Marchella De Angelis
Jennifer Schauerte, Lisa Peters, Alejandra Salamandra, Jasmijn Hanegraef, Anna Pixner
Woolf Women is a true account of Jenny -  the professional world ranking number 2 Downhill Skateboarder - and her 4 friends who accept a challenge to go to Sumela - an ancient monastery built in AD386. It clings precariously to a vertical rock face with a terrifying sheer drop of 1,280 metres and is located in the Pontic mountains of Turkey. The spotlight is on Jenny who has been struggling to get over the unexpected and sudden loss of her father. Her friends are worried about her welfare and state of mind. Her depression has already led to her losing her job and as a result she gives up her home to go live in her van and skate full time. In order to seek solace and distraction, she plans and dreams of an adventurous skateboard expedition with her friends.  


08 April 2022


Action, Adventure, Factual, Sport