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Palatin Media engages in selective production and coproduction of features and series, and has a 50/50 Joint Venture with acclaimed producer Wolfgang Behr, Aventin Filmproduktion GmbH.


PM´s current slate includes ...

anfuehrungszeichen wwsBRUNO 

Bruno is the new franchise of TV movies based on the hit series of crime novels by the Scottish author Martin Walker


Bruno Landscape 

BLACK DIAMONDS Synopsis: Perigord is home to black truffels - which, at a price of € 5,000 a kilo makes them the most important natural resourcein the region. When it becomes known that the black diamonds are being cut with cheap imports from Asia, Bruno as Chef de Police has to investigate.
The case takes a dramatic turn when a horrific murder is committed. The victim is an old hunting friend of Bruno named Hercule - the greatest truffels expert in the region. Bruno is now facing the challenge of finding a link between this and several crimes that occured far back in the past, crimes which are closely connected with France´s inglorious colonial past in Indochina.
A plot with a domino effect that begins as an amiable story about a culinary speciality accelerates into a high-speed thriller spanning several continents and half a century. 

 Perigord is not only a gourmet paradise, but also has highly fertile soil for premiume wines. This is something Californian wine producer Bondino realises, and he has major plans for the area: He intends to buy up the whole valley and promises - under certain conditions - to give back the Perigord the position it once had as the home of Grand Cru. St. Denis is facing the ultimate decision: Should it remain a tranquil idyll or become the centre of a modern wine industry holding the promise of lots of new jobs.
The fight soon becomes increasingly bitter, and it even looks as if it could destroy the old friendship between Bruno, Chef de Police, and the mayor. 
But when a dead body is found in a wine barrel, the situation begins to change fast, very fast...
Cast: Mehdi Nebbou
Director: Züli Aladag
Writer: Fred Breinersdorfer (Sophie Scholl, Elser)
Original language: English
Status: Pre Production
Bruno Cover intern


anfuehrungszeichen wwsDECOMPRESSION

Decompression is a psychological thriller in the tradition of Patricia Highsmith about two couples caught in a web of conflicting passions while diving off the beautiful Canarian Islands. 


image Decompression

Synopsis: Sven Fiedler and his girlfriend, Antje, left Germany for the island of Lanzarote, reflecting what Sven considered a vulgar culture of materialism and judgement. The young couple set up a diving service catering. Life on the Island goes smoothly until two tourists, Jola von der Pahlen, a daytime soap star on the verge of cinematic success, and Theo Hast, a stalled novelist, engage Sven for an expensive two-week intensive diving experience. Staying in a guest house on Sven and Antje´s property, the two visitors quickly become entangled with their hosts in a mess of jealousies and suspicions.

Shifting through various points of view, the audience is constantly kept guessing about who knows what, and more important, who is telling the truth. A brutal game of delusions, temptations, and manipulations plays out, pointing toward a violent end. But a quiet one, down in the underwater world beneath the waves.

The novel was published in 
UK, US, Germany, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia, Czech Republic, Korea, audio book, etc.

"Decompression climaxes with a scene of splendid drama" - THE GUARDIAN

"Juli Zeh, qui capte tout de suite la sympathie par sa franchise, son sourire en coin, son ton enjouè, est devenue une romancière reconnue et couronnée de nombreux prix." - LE MONDE 

Status: Pre Production


anfuehrungszeichen wwsTHE LAST SUPPER - 1x90´ Feature Film

The story of one of the most important events - a night that changed the course of human history. 
A date with destiny that would forever mark mankind. 

THE LAST SUPPER based on the novel The Last Supper According to Martha and Mary by TINA BEATTIE.


Poster LastSupper

Synopsis: The story of one of the most important events of civilization.... But above all a modern adaption of the Bible, which allows the emergence of an intimate drama and a contemporary story telling with a strong focus on universal themes.
THE LAST SUPPER deals with the last night of Jesus of Nazareth in company of his diciples. While tensions and critics against Jesus become predominant among the Jerusalem people, Jesus and his diciples decide to hide up their fears and to organize a supper to celebrate passover. 

It is an original film, which will provide an unique experience to the spectator. This drama will indeed invite him to think about burning and contemporary subjects such as power, leadership and religion... It´s not a historic drama. It´s contemporary and universal. 


Director: Tony Mitchell 
 Pre Production


anfuehrungszeichen wwsPHENOMENA

Based on the bestselling novels by Ruben Eliassen. 


image Phenomena

Synopsis: Aldra, once a prosperous land, where many nations and creatures lived in peace, has been conquered by the Prince of Darkness, who together with the Mortokks, a warrior tribe, have enslaved all nations. The once proud and generous elves are kept in chains and due to the merciless Mortokk´s dominance everyone has accepted to live in fear.

Secluded from this hopeless world young elf twins live in an isolated castle raised by their mentors, the great wizard Sha-Ra and the protective shape shifter Arol while they do not yet know that they are the Chosen Ones to challenge the Mortokk empire.

The prophecy of the magical book Phenomena comes to life as the elf twins discover an ancient secret, their own origin and destiny. Although they seemed to be the unlikeliest of heroes, the young siblings must stand up against dark forces, which are determined to destroy them. 

PHENOMENA initiates an adventurous journey in which the young elves have to overcome many obstacles on a fantastical ride as they fight to survive and ultimately cast a ray of light into a desperate darkness. 

Status: Pre Production

Original language: English

Producer: Gudrun Giddings, Christian Limmer, Marius Haugan, 
Daniel Dreifuss, Christian Arnold-Beutel, Bernd Schlötterer

Writer: Christian Limmer