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Palatin Media at AFM 2012

At AFM 2012 Palatin Media is located in the Loews Hotel, suite 629 (German Films),
and will present the following highlights.


anfuehrungszeichen wwsRUN 3D - World premiere at AFM

wws runSynopsis: RUN is a fast paced, crime thriller, centering on street smart Daniel who utilizes "Parcours" to commit crimes as he and his father move nomadically from city to city. Daniel falls in love with beautiful fellow student Emily who has secrets of her own. Soon Daniel is pulled deeper into the crime world with everything he holds dear on the line. He ultimately uncovers and is forced to face the dark past of his father that resulted in their life on the run. Shot in native 3D in New York.

Cast: William Moseley (Narnia-Franchise); Kelsey Chow; Adrian Pasdar; Eric Roberts
Stunt Team: Tempest (Transformers, Twilight, Mall Cop)
Director: Simone Bartesaghi


November 1st, 2012, 11 am, AMC Santa Monica 7
November 2nd, 2012, 1 pm, AMC Santa Monica 7
November 5th, 2012, 3 pm, AMC Santa Monica 7




anfuehrungszeichen wws KICK - World premiere at AFM

wws kickSynopsis: A dangerous game of cat and mouse is played with aspiring, young footballers Dan (Rik Young) and Steve (Daniel Bayle) who have bribed their way into a premier league football stadium to play in an illicit underground football club one night. Unbeknownst to them, they are being watched and are already trapped unwittingly in a game of survival. As their match ends, their nightmare begins.

Cast: Rik Young; Gary Stretch; Tom Burke; Kellie Shirley; Richard Strange; Mya Burns
Director: Marcus Warren

KICK is currently in post-production in London.


November 2nd, 2012, 3 pm, Broadway Cineplex 1



anfuehrungszeichen wws BUMPED (Director Stephen Herek)

Synopsis: Bumped is a comedy in the tradition of blockbusters like New Year's Eve or Valentine's Day, revolving around five twenty-somethings-including a corporate go-getter, a musician, a flirt, a senator's top aid, and a recent college graduate trying to figure out her life. Five people who normally wouldn't be friends but get to know each other when they are bumped from a flight and wind up stranded over night at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport the night before Thanksgiving.

Kellan Lutz (Tarzan, Twilight Saga, The Immortals)
Camilla Belle (Push, When a Stranger falls, 10,000BC)
Katie Cassidy (Taken, Nightmare on Elm Street, Monte Carlo)
Alex Gonzales (X MEN: First Class)
Xenia Siamas (Casino Jack, Push)

Director: Award winning Director Stephen Herek (101 Dalmatians) has teamed up with Titan to bring Bumped to the silver screen. Herek has previously directed the Academy Award nominated film Mr. Holland’s Opus, starring Richard Dreyfuss and the box office smash hit Rockstar, starring Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston.  Comedy seams to come naturally to Herek with such classics as Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure with Keanu Reeve’s, The Three Musketeers, The Mighty Ducks, and Don’t tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead. So with his return to the genre that he made his staple, it’s easy to envision a new classic on the horizon.

downloadbutton script released


anfuehrungszeichen wws  LAST BLOOD

wws last bloodSynopsis: LAST BLOOD is the awaited live action feature adaptation of the popular web-comic LAST BLOOD. It takes place in a future in which vampires battle zombies to protect the last surviving humans to preserve their supply of fresh blood. The LAST BLOOD-franchise has attracted more than 20 Mio. readers worldwide.

Cast: tbc.
Director: Simon Hunter (Mutant Chronicles)


downloadbutton script released


anfuehrungszeichen wws KILLING JANE  (in pre-production)

wws killing jane newSynopsis: Jane is a 17 year- old girl who is too smart for her small town and has to escape. Her life has been slowly decaying ever since her mother was killed in a horrible car accident, leaving her stepfather Andre brain damaged and violent yet her sole guardian. One fateful night she is unexpectedly forced to make a choice when Andre comes home drunk with a young prostitute in tow. A violent altercation between Andre and the prostitute escalates even further when Jane is caught trying to run and barely escapes with her life.

Cast: Juno Temple (Atonement, The Dark Knight Rises), Ray  Liotta (Goodfellas), Kyle Gallner (Beautiful Creatures, A Nightmare on Elm Street)
Director: Jeremy Fisher; Lucas Krost


downloadbutton script released



anfuehrungszeichen wws BARABBAS (1x100' or 2x90' - in postproduction)

wws barabasSynopsis: Based on the Nobel Prize® winning novel by Pär Lagerkvist, BARABBAS is a four hour event miniseries that explores the epic story of the ultimate biblical sinner. Barabbas, the great robber, brigand and freedom-fighter is compelled to ponder the meaning of redemption for the rest of his life after he is spared from crucifixion when Pilate manipulates the crowd into pardoning him, rather than Jesus Christ. Struggling with his spirituality after his wife Esther is brutally murdered for being a follower of Jesus, Barabbas goes through many ordeals that lead him to the gladiatorial arena, where he wins his freedom and confronts his inner demons, lastly becoming a believer and follower of the man who was crucified in his place.

Cast*: Billy Zane (Titanic); Hristo Shopov (The Passion of the Christ); Paolo Seganti (LA Confidential, Largo Winch); Cristiana Capotondi (Merlin); Filippo Nigro (Facing Windows); Anna Valle (Callas and Onassis, Soraya)
Network: Produced for REELZ CHANNEL, Rai and France 3
Director: Roger Young




anfuehrungszeichen wws CALIFORNIA WINTER  (completed)

wws california winterSynopsis: Clara Morales begins a rising career in real estate by encouraging sub-prime loans to her clients in order to afford houses above their means. Loans that she didn’t fully understand. She even recommends such a loan to her father, Papi. With the onset of the housing market crash, Papi's house goes into foreclosure, and Clara must now help him save it. This results in a strain on her relationship with her Papi, leading him to hide matters of his health from her. Meanwhile, Clara is in a fierce competition with a coworker to hold onto her job in a downsizing workplace. A love interest sparks with her bank representative, Carlos, and just as it seems that Clara is about to rescue the home from foreclosure, a new profit-motive at the bank results in a policy change and the home slips back into foreclosure.

Cast: Elisabeth Dominguez, Rutina Wesley, Laura Cerón, Michael Ironside, A Martinez, Erik Avari, Walter Perez, Sean Patrick Murphy
Director: Odin Ozdil




anfuehrungszeichen wws THALLIUM 3D  (completed)

wws thalliumSynopsis: Nicole accepts a mysterious invitation and, to her surprise, meets her old circle of friends. The former friends, who haven't been in touch for years, come together for a reunion at an idyllic holiday cottage. When the friends were at university, they played a trick on some fellow students in their dorm, which ended in tragedy. Two people died. The police couldn't prove anything. Now they are called out to account for their actions in a macabre way.

This story of guilt and atonement has a real-life background....

Cast: Stella Stocker; Carl von Hollen; Leila Gray; Jennifer J. Caron; Ayman Cherif; Melanie Wilke
Director: Ralph Wege




We will be located in the Loews Hotel, suite 629 (German Films), and are looking forward to seeing you.



Sales Team


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Germany, France, Italy,
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Merlind Mueller
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Giannina Antola
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