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Worldwide Sales

Palatin Media specializes in worldwide distribution of premium English-language content.

Our current highlights include...


anfuehrungszeichen wwsRUSH: BEYOND THE LIGHTED STAGE

wws Rush

Featuring never-before-seen archival footage and interviews with some of today´s most respected rock artists, this Grammy®-nominated special is the first in-depth portrait of Canadian trio RUSH, revealing the inner workings of one of the world´s most enduring rock bands.


Synopsis: Despite ranking third for most consecutive gold and platinum albums behind The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, inspiring legions of devoted fans and being revered by generations of musicians, Rush have been largely ignored by critics and mainstream media and were overlooked by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame until 2013. Presenting extensive interviews with the trio, live performance footage and rare video, alongside insight from high-profile fans including members of Metallica, KISS and The Foo Fighters, Matt Stone of South Park and Mike Myers, Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage explores the forty-year career and phenomenon behing what could be the world´s biggest cult band, delivering engaging viewing for all music lovers.

Featuring: Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart, Sebastian Bach, Billy Corgan, Trent Reznor, Kirk Hammett, Taylor Hawkins 
Director: Scot McFadyen, Sam Dunn

Status: Completed


"Entertaining and absorbing... a wonderfully engaging and genuinely interesting career profile of RUSH" - The Guardian
"Endearing" - Variety




anfuehrungszeichen wwsHIP-HOP EVOLUTION - 4 x 60' series

image HipHopEvolution

HIP-HOP EVOLUTION - MC and journalist Shad Kabango meets with Hip-Hop´s biggest stars to retrace how Hip-Hop became the world´s most popular music, but realizes that Hip-Hop´s true legacy is something much more profound. 

Critically acclaimed MC and journalist Shad Kabango sets out to uncover the foundations of Hip-Hop music. Beginning his journey in the Bronx, Shad meets with the DJ´s and MC´s who set the template for all to follow. Along the way, Shad retraces Hip-Hop´s progression from underground parties to mainstream culture, but realizes something much more profound - that Hip-Hop´s success is only part of the story: from the borough´s of NYC to the ghettos of LA and beyond, Hip-Hop created a new voice for the disenfranchised.

Cast: Shad Kabango meets Ice-T, Ice Cube, LL Cool J, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Chuck D, De La Soul 
Director: Darby Wheeler

Status: Completed



anfuehrungszeichen wwsBETWEEN - Season 1 + 2, 12 x 60' series

Between Rahmen

BETWEEN is the story of a town under siege from a mysterious disease that has wiped out everybody except those 21 and under. The series explores the power vacuum that results after the government quarantines everything within a ten-mile radius and leaves the inhabitants to fend for themselves. 

When a virus kills everyone over 21 in the small town of Pretty Lake, those left alive are quarantined and must survive food shortages, power outages, and each other if they have any hope of finding the cause of the virus and escaping.

Cast: Jennette McCurdy, Jesse Carere, Ryan Allen, Justin Kelly, Shailyn Pierre-Dixon, Jim Watson
Director: Michael McGowan

Status: Completed



anfuehrungszeichen wwsDARKNET - 6 x 30' series

image Darknet

From the Director and Producer of SPLICE, CUBE, GINGER SNAPS and BLACK CHRISTMAS comes a half hour series of horror that could happen to you in the internet age. DARKNET is based on the Japanese cult television hit Toni Hada.

A macabre website called Darknet links the tales in this chilling anthology series whose protagonists face a range of unnamable horrors. 
Each of the first season´s six episodes tells different expertly interwoven tales of murder and mayhem, and there is not a stale short in the bunch. In Darknet you can find the worst videos on the Internet, including ones about a psycho phone installer, a twisted Peeping Tom victim, cyberpranking teens and a suicide hotline.

Darknet is like a condensed version of every film and TV horror anthology that´s come before it, stripped of excess and delivering only the most frightening of situations. 

Cast: Michelle Alexander (Played, Beauty and Beast), Carlyn Burchell (Saving Hope, Bomb Girl), Miles Carney (My Daughter must live)

Director: Vincenzo Natali (Splice, Cube)
Executive Producer: Steve Hoban

Status: Completed



anfuehrungszeichen wwsBLACK DIAMOND - BRUNO, CHEF DE POLICE 

webimageblackdiamondBruno, Chef de Police is a new series of TV movies based on the hit series of crime novels by the Scottish author MARTIN WALKER.

Perigord is home to black truffels - which, at a price of € 5,000 a kilo makes them the most important natural resource in the region. When it becomes known that the black diamonds are being cut with cheap imports from Asia, Bruno as Chef de Police has to investigate.

The case takes a dramatic turn when a horrific murder is committed. The victim is an old hunting friend of Bruno named Hercule - the greatest truffels expert in the region. Bruno is now facing the challenge of finding a link between this and several crimes that occured far back in the past, crimes which are closely connected with France´s inglorious colonial past in Indochina.

A plot with a domino effect that begins as an amiable story about a culinary speciality accelerates into a high-speed thriller spanning several continents and half a century. 

Status: Pre Production

Original Language: English

Writer: Fred Breinersdorfer (Sophie Scholl, Elser) 







anfuehrungszeichen wwsDARK VINEYARD - BRUNO, CHEF DE POLICE

webimagedarkvineyardBruno, Chef de Police is a new series of TV movies based on the hit series of crime novels by the Scottish author MARTIN WALKER.

Synopsis: Perigord is not only a gourmet paradise, but also has highly fertile soil for premium wines. This is something Californian wine producer Bondino realises and he has major plans for the area: He intends to buy up the whole valley and promises - under certain conditions - to give back the Perigord the position it once had as the home of Grand Cru. St Denis is facing the ultimate decision: Should it remain a tranquil idyll or become the centre of a modern wine industry holding the promise of lots of new jobs.

The fight soon becomes increasingly bitter, and it even looks as if it could destroy the old friendship between Bruno, Chef de Police, and the mayor.

But when a dead body is found in a wine barrel, the situation begins to change fast, very fast...

Status: Pre Production

Original Language: English
Writer: Fred Breinersdorfer (Sophie Scholl, Elser)



anfuehrungszeichen wwsPHENOMENA - Based on the bestselling novels by Ruben Eliassen

image Phenomena

Synopsis: Aldra, once a prosperous land, where many nations and creatures lived in peace, has been conquered by the Prince of Darkness, who together with the Mortokks, a warrior tribe, have enslaved all nations. The once proud and generous elves are kept in chains and due to the merciless Mortokk´s dominance everyone has accepted to live in fear.

Secluded from this hopeless world young elf twins live in an isolated castle raised by their mentors, the great wizard Sha-Ra and the protective shape shifter Arol while they do not yet know that they are the Chosen Ones to challenge the Mortokk empire.

The prophecy of the magical book Phenomena comes to life as the elf twins discover an ancient secret, their own origin and destiny. Although they seemed to be the unlikeliest of heroes, the young siblings must stand up against dark forces, which are determined to destroy them. 

PHENOMENA initiates an adventurous journey in which the young elves have to overcome many obstacles on a fantastical ride as they fight to survive and ultimately cast a ray of light into a desperate darkness. 

Status: Pre Production

Original language: English

Producer: Gudrun Giddings, Christian Limmer, Marius Haugan, 
Daniel Dreifuss, Christian Arnold-Beutel, Bernd Schlötterer

Writer: Christian Limmer



anfuehrungszeichen wwsBARABBAS

wws barabbas neu

Synopsis: Based on the Nobel Prize® winning novel by Pär Lagerkvist, BARABBAS is a four hour event miniseries that explores the epic story of the ultimate biblical sinner. Barabbas, the great robber, brigand and freedom-fighter is compelled to ponder the meaning of redemption for the rest of his life after he is spared from crucifixion when Pilate manipulates the crowd into pardoning him, rather than Jesus Christ. Struggling with his spirituality after his wife Esther is brutally murdered for being a follower of Jesus, Barabbas goes through many ordeals that lead him to the gladiatorial arena, where he wins his freedom and confronts his inner demons, lastly becoming a believer and follower of the man who was crucified in his place.

Format: 2 x approx. 90 min or 1 x approx. 100 min or 3 x  45 min + 68 min

Cast: Billy Zane (Titanic); Hristo Shopov (The Passion of the Christ); Paolo Seganti (LA Confidential, Largo Winch); Cristiana Capotondi (Merlin); Filippo Nigro (Facing Windows); Anna Valle (Callas and Onassis, Soraya)
Director: Roger Young

Network: Produced for REELZ CHANNEL, Rai and France 3


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anfuehrungszeichen wwsMYANMAR - In The Monks Land of Gold


Synopsis: The immeasurable riches of Gold Pagodas of Myanmar are in unique contrast to the standard of living of most of its citizens. Myanmar, which has so far been kept in complete isolation, is a breath-taking country with magnificant buildings the likes of which you cannot see anywhere else in the world. Accompany us on a journey which is going to change your view of the world.

Director: Les Ditter

Status: Completed


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anfuehrungszeichen wwsYOGA EXPERIENCE FOR BEGINNERS AND ADVANCED with Petra Szappan

Image Yocoll



Yoga is the path to complete physical and spiritual freedom. As a first step we would like to relieve the blocks and tensions in your body with the help of asanas, with breathing and via controlling the attention. The program contains a beginner´s, mor dynamic hatha yoga routine, the aim fo which is to gently exercise the body, to create a harmony of movement and breathing, and develop a deeper inner awareness. The process creates a soft flowing movement, which helps to calm the mind and to develop a lasting inner peace.
The purpose of the sequence of movements is the coordination of breathing and movement, discovering the flow experience and, through this, calming the mind. Through regular practice of the sequence the blocks are dissolved in the body and mind, and the path opens to a more satisfied life.

Status: Completed


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anfuehrungszeichen wwsMAY I KILL U?

filmplakatmikuSynopsis: Award winning writer/director Stuart Urban´s darkly comic film perfectly captures the zeitgeist of the time with the salutary tale of Baz, one of Britain´s new breed of police - cycle cop. Although, at first, he appears a likeable figure of fun, a freak accident turns him into a psychopathic killer.
Launching a one-man campaign to clean up the streets of London of no-hope criminals, he despatches them whilst filming everything on his helmet-cam and, ever polite, asking them "May I kill you?" before doing so. Soon he has become an internet and twitter phenomen using the alter-ego @N4cethelaw. When the tables are turned on him in a bizarre twist of fate, Baz´s true identity looks set to be expose. Can he survive to ride another day...... 

Cast: Kevin Bishop (Star Stories, A Few Best Men, The Kevin Bishop Show), Jack Doolan (Demons Never Die, Cockney´s Vs. Zombie, Guinea Pigs), Frances Barber (The Red Siren, Doctor Who), Kasia Koleczek (Cup Cake), Hayley-Marie Axe (Blackpool, Joe) and Rosemary Leach (The Great Ghost Rescue)

Director: Stuart Urban

Status: Completed

US release: January 31st, 2014

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anfuehrungszeichen wwsHOW TO BE A FAIRY TALE PRINCESS

princessposterSynopsis: Clara lives with her father, the king, her mother, the queen and her older sister in an insignificant but happy little kingdom far far away. Her sister is the glorious example of a princess: beautiful, docile, graceful, skilled at needle point and princess etiquette and bound to marry a stunning prince one day. And Clara... well Clara is quite the opposite. No matter how hard she tries, she simply does not seem to be made for the princess job. Until she finds an ancient book of fairy tales... or as she calls it: The perfect manual on "How To Be A Fairy Tale Princess".  

Cast: Hanna Merki, Michael Kanz, Sky du Mont, Jasmin Barbara Mairhofer, Oliver Karbus, Vereny Buratti 

Theme song: Maite Kelly

Director: Steffen Zacke

Status: Completed

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anfuehrungszeichen wwsKICK

wws kick

A dangerous game of cat and mouse is played with aspiring, young footballers Dan (Rik Young) and Steve (Daniel Bayle) who have bribed their way into a premier league football stadium to play in an illicit underground football club one night. Unbeknownst to them, they are being watched and are already trapped unwittingly in a game of survival. As their match ends, their nightmare begins.

Cast: Rik Young; Daniel Bayle; Kellie Shirley; Pete Lee Wilson; Richard Strange 
Director: Marcus Warren

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anfuehrungszeichen wwsBOREALIS

Action-adventure BOREALIS is a $6 million event-movie that takes place in the near future, 2045

plakat borealis

Synopsis: With the world´s last oil and gas reserves exposed in the thawing Arctic, a growing group of entrepeneurs, troops and exiled politcians have travelled north to the unplanned and lawless town of Borealis, each vying for their share of black gold and a stake in the  earth´s newest and last frontier. 
At the center of Sabotage, politics and lawlessness is Vic Carboneau - an ex-ultimate fighter and the man who built and controls the only way in or out of Borealis: the airstrip. 
But there´s more at stake in Borealis than just oil and gas.There´s a scientific research station nearby manned by Alison Freemont - a highly respected biologist. Where Vic sees a once-in-a-millennium opportunity, Alison sees an ecological catastrophe in the making.

Cast: Ty Olsson (Battlestar Galactica, Shattered, Defying Gravity), Michelle Harrison (Eureka, Endgames)
 Christine Horne (Rookie Blue, Flashpoint), 
Brendon Fletcher (Smallville, Defying Gravity), 
Ona Grauer (Stargate SGU, The Bridge), 
Brendan Fehr (Bones, SI: Miami, Roswell), Patrick Gallagher (Glee, True Blood, Endgame)

Status: Completed


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Palatin Media handles Continental Europe incl. CIS and CES with exception of Italy and Scandinavia. Furthermore Palatin handles the international channels of Universal and Turner.  

We share international distribution outside of the US and Canada with our partners at DRG, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,+44 (0) 207 845 5200. All other territories as well as international channels of FOX and Sony are  taken care of our partners of DRG. 



anfuehrungszeichen wwsBETWEEN TOMORROW AND TODAY

filmplakat Zwischen

Synopsis: Forty something Anouk, a translator who dreams of publishing her own novel, comes to Berlin across Heiner, an architect and somewhat older than her. He is a man who designs, who expatiates, who creates space. He dreams of building a cathedral. Both of them hide another dream, maybe the last time in their live, to start up a new and true love. 
They have an amour fou in a hotel room, and the lives they led so far are at stake: They could stick to their respective - apparently stable - marriages or start a future together, potentially right this particular night. Anouk and Heiner open up with unconditional trust, exchange life stories, without having known each other before. Albeit the moment of most heartfelt love is elusive, devoid any permanence, it is notwithstanding of unequaled intensity.
After the break of dawn, Anouk and Heiner come apart, and it remains open if they will meet again. However, as for the characters, the film does not end in melancholy, but with a strong sense of having experienced the one true love, although just for a couple of hours - it might be irretrievably gone now, but will by all means be everlasting for both Anouk and Heiner.

Cast: Gesine Cukrowski, Peter Lohmeyer, Gerald Alexander Held

Director: Fred Breinersdorfer

Status: Completed



anfuehrungszeichen wwsBRAND NEW 4K AND/OR 3D DOCUMENTARIES

filmplakat lwe hawai

Amazing-breathtaking documentaries, made by the future technology!

Palatin Media engages in the distribution of high end documentaries using the latest technology in 4k, 3D or 2D. 
Air, water, earth? These enormous forces are no problem for the production team.They like the challenges and the adventures.
If you like the beauty and the nature, join and come with us for fantastic journeys!

Please look at our slate of 23 brand new products.

Status:  All completed 


















Also available in FULL HD:

MY WAY - Secrets of Perfect and Happy Life. A pioneering film that presents and tells how you can live a perfect, happy and rich life full of love.





anfuehrungszeichen wwsRUN 3D

wws runSynopsis: RUN is a fast paced, crime thriller, centering on street smart Daniel who utilizes "Parcours" to commit crimes as he and his father move nomadically from city to city. Daniel falls in love with beautiful fellow student Emily who has secrets of her own. Soon Daniel is pulled deeper into the crime world with everything he holds dear on the line. He ultimately uncovers and is forced to face the dark past of his father that resulted in their life on the run. Shot in native 3D in New York.

Cast: William Moseley (Narnia-Franchise); Kelsey Chow; Adrian Pasdar; Eric Roberts
Stunt Team: Tempest (Transformers, Twilight, Mall Cop)
Director: Simone Bartesaghi



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anfuehrungszeichen wwsBENEFIT OF THE DOUBT

wws benefitSynopsis: Twenty two years earlier, Karen helped convict her father, Frank for murder of her mother. With his new freedom, thanks to parole, Frank returns home to seek revenge. Having always pleaded his innocence, he soon works his way back into Karen´s life.  

Cast: Amy Irving, Donald Sutherland, Graham Greene
Director: Jonathan Heap


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